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Guangzhou Yajiang Photoelectric Equipment Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of stage lighting equipment and ourdoor architectural light fixtures

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    No.18 Huahui Road, Huashan Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Yajiang Lighting is committed to designing and manufacturing award-winning LED lighting systems that can seamlessly integrate with powerful digital controls to contribute to scene composition and create greater energy efficiencies. Since 2003, Yajiang Lighting has been dedicated to introducing the latest technologies in the stage lighting industry and providing the architectural and landscape lighting market with quality, energy-efficient, eco-friendly lighting solutions.

Yajiang Lighting is the first manufacturer in China to offer high power LED moving head lights and PAR head instrument developed for the theatre, television and film production industry. The company delivers a complete package of stage lighting instrument under the brand name 'SilverStar' by amalgamating over 10 years of engineering expertise and manufacturing excellence. The proprietary design and technology of Yajiang's products respond to the demanding needs of stage lighting designers for live and pre-recorded media events such as concerts, broadcast television, trade shows, night clubs, photographic studios, movies and public events. The SilverStar series stage lights consists of four subbrands - STAGER, TOURZ, CYAN, and INDIGO. These cutting edge LED stage lighting products include ellipsoidals, Fresnel spotlights, scoop floodlights, cyclorama lights, followspots, moving head washes, moving head spots, PAR cans, wash bars, etc.

By leveraging the engineering resources and expertise in optics and electronics, Yajiang Lighting launched its Arctik series LED exterior lights designed for architectural facades, building structures and landscape lighting. The company's brilliant high power LED RGB/RGBW LED floodlights, spotlights and wall washers deliver an exciting new array of lighting possibilities that offer extreme versatility for a wide variety of applications. The full spectrum of Yajiang's highly efficient LED lighting fixtures also include the white LED versions to produce static color illumination for architectural structures. These outdoor light fixtures integrate the company's industry-leading insight in optics, electrical and mechanical engineering and heat management. The stylish and rugged aluminum housings go through an extensive finishing process for improved paint adherence. They can be operated following pre-programmed lighting instructions to create a vivid ambience and are compatible with all industry available DMX 512 controllers or RGB controllers to generate dynamic, synchronized lighting effects.

Through dedication to innovation, Guangzhou Yajiang has earned a solid reputation for high efficiency, reliable functionality, uncompromising quality and value added products and services. The company industry recognition and reference lighting projects include 2008 Beijing Olympic opening ceremony "Dreaming Earth" and the closing ceremony "The Memory Tower", APEC Meeting, The 11th National Games, 9th China Art Festival, Shanghai EXPO, CCTV Spring Festival Evening, Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, Beijing TV Tower, Eiffel Tower 120th Anniversary Lighting Show, Lyon Lighting Show, the Asian Games Projects, Xi'an Tian Ren Chang'an Tower, etc. These globally influential projects stand as proof of the company's industry leadership.

Yajiang Lighting operates a 20,000 square meter vertically integrated manufacturing facilities, including the 3000 square meter cleanroom workshop. The company maintains a stringent quality management system that is modeled after the ISO 9001 standards. The implementation of 14001:2004 Environment Management System and OHSAS 18001:2007 Vocational Health Security Management System demonstrates the company's commitment to employee health and safety as well as the environmental sustainability.
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